Neck thru mahogany, ebony fretboard, Dunlop frets and straps, EMG 81 in bridge. Unfortunately Gotoh has quality tuners& bridges so the natural/ eco/ organic/ vega rust is combined with stain& laquer.... Not even the Swedish weather from Borås could damage it, so l had to bring some magic too. It wasn’t enough condamned to rust in salty water, out in rain, ice, sometimes sunshine... This is why l use Gotoh. Only. Good to know for next time. Before you blame a custom guitar’s price with special orders, think a bit about its part’s price. Using quality- we can demonstrate the longlife of any small detail. 

Thomas Eriksen, the brain behind MORK has asked me for a custom guitar somewhere in September. The goal was to build a guitar which looks like a 200 hundred old rotten timber with rust on any metal part. Done! First it wasn´t so easy to achieve that, but there was some Black Magic which helped me a lot. First we had a chat about a possible guitar back in 2016, when Thomas did the bass in Ragnarok. They played in Hultsfred at Mörkaste Småland, a 2 days long Black Metal Mess and shared page with Samael and Belphegor. Actually there was some chat even there about a customized guitar, but the time hasn´t come yet. Better later than never, right?

So, here we have a customized/ sodomized instrument build with pleasure and passion. 

I wish a neverending warpath to them and I really hope from the deepest abyss from my heart that Thomas is gonna get inspiration to lay down many awesome Black Metal records. Sarpsborg/ Halden- there is a great BM scene, When Thomas picked up his guitar in my workshop- almost right before a gig in Oslo, told me many awesome stories about the golden age of this dark, sincere, straightforward, brutal and icecold music.

Check them out, you´ll never be dissapointed! Skål på dig, vännen!